Intercultural Women's Studies

This course uses an intersectional feminist perspective. This means that we’ll explore all the different identities that women can take; we’ll analyze racism, ageism, ableism, heterosexism, cissexism and many other kinds of power inequality and oppression. This course explores the relationships between different cultures, analyzing the patterns of domination and oppression between current societies as well as the historical roots that have laid the bases for modern exploitation. Students will develop an understanding for their own roles in ethnocentrism as well as the ways their societies have interacted with others. The course places emphasis on the global structures that have created interconnection between societies, such as colonialism, imperialism and globalization. We’ll explore patterns of diaspora, migration, refugees and xenophobia.

This is the online version of the course, which is designed around weekly 1-hour conversations for small groups of students (scheduled at their convenience).

Here's a sample syllabus.

This .doc version of the syllabus may be easier to edit

Syllabus WS201 for Site.pdf

These are the lesson plans for the term, in order:

Week 1: Starting out

Week 2: USA in perspective

Week 3: Empathy, gaslighting and agent ignorance

Week 4: US impact and interconnection

Week 5: Colonialism

Week 6: Globalization

Week 7: Women, carework and Migration

Week 8: Migration and Refugees

Week 9: Xenophobia

Week 10: Charity and Voluntourism