Women, Social Change and Activism

This course uses an intersectional feminist perspective to analyze systems of oppression and the strategies required to overthrow them. This means that we’ll explore all the different identities that women can take; we’ll analyze racism, cissexism, ableism, heterosexism, ageism, and many other kinds of power inequality and oppression. We’ll use that information to create social justice while also accepting the frustration of knowing there’s no simple solution. We’ll work on developing our own sense of self as social change agents, figuring out our role in changing the world. We’ll explore the dynamics of collective action, the difficulties of joining existing movements, the dynamics of groups in social justice work, and how to develop the stamina necessary to dedicate ourselves to life-long work. The course includes a community-based-learning project that has students observe social change organizations in their daily work to learn from the folks working in the field. Explores ways that feminist theories have shaped the goals and strategies of social change efforts. Offers an in-depth look at selected topic areas, connects analysis and personal experience, and focuses on how to become an effective change agent.

Here's a sample Syllabus:

Syllabus WS202 D2L Activism.docx

These are the lesson plans for the term, in order:

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