Week 3: US privilege

This section explores the privileges afforded to people from the USA and Europe, as well as English-language speakers. Privilege is supported by ignorance, facing the systems that confer advantage can be deeply unsettling and uncomfortable. The USA is especially ignorant about other countries and cultures.

These materials are designed for small group work with 1 hour of real-time conversation. Folks do individual reading, watching and writing before having a conversation with their group.

These materials are meant to be used individually: to watch, read and write, ideally 24 hours before the group conversation begins.

wk 3 prep- US privilege.docx

This is a guideline for the 1-hour group conversation. It gives folks questions to discuss together, problems to solve, and an idea of how much time to devote to each part.

wk 3 Conversation - US privilege.docx