Root causes: get past the distractions

This lesson is different from the other classes, it's got some unexpected twists along the way. In this one we're trying to move away from individualistic explanations for oppression. Understanding the ways structures shape people's reactions. We're moving away from the narrow focus on individuals because that can serve as a distraction tactic that hides the institutions that shape results in predictable patterns. The class session is organized around an experiential exercise called The Drawbridge. I'm including the facilitator materials, the handout, and a full video of the activity in case folks want to apply it. If you're interested in walking yourself through the exercise avoid skipping ahead.

These are the preparation materials, which would traditionally be the more passive, lecture component of the class. These are the materials that my students work with before we get together in class.

Root causes Prep materials.docx

This worksheet is what we would be doing for the first half of a 2-hour class period.

If you're guiding students in this exercise, this file will be easier to print. This link will take you to a .doc file, for easier editing

The drawbridge worksheet self-guided.pdf

Take your time with this handout, it's a difficult idea to process. Work with it AFTER you finish the Drawbridge exercise.

This .doc file will be easier to edit.

victim blaming handout.pdf

This is a summary video I made for my online students. It might give you a sense of some of the ideas from the worksheet and an overall view of the ideas from that lesson.

Here are some great things that I couldn't include in the lesson, if you're interested, keep looking!

Root causes Extra materials.docx

These are the materials for facilitating The Drawbridge Exercise

I'm working on editing the full video of the exercise, feel free to email me about it

The drawbridge facilitator.pdf