Equity: you have to FIX IT before we can move on

This lesson is pretty radical, and pretty advanced. Go through the worksheet carefully, it's designed to walk you from simple to mind-bending. Get braced for confusion and defensiveness, it's likely that something here will challenge you quite a bit. Take a look at the video for extra support.

Equity is used as a buzzword, but do people REALLY know what they're asking for? often then MEAN equality, but they know that Equity is the fancier word... without understanding what they're saying.

The basic premise is that just like ONE group has been targeted for oppression, to FIX the oppression, you'll have to create a TARGETED, DIFFERENTIATED solution, not a neutral/equal one.

These are the preparation materials, which would traditionally be the more passive, lecture component of the class. These are the materials that my students work with before we get together in class.

Prep materials.docx

This handout is referenced in the worksheet, the ideas might help clarify some sticky points for you.

equity handout.docx

This worksheet is what we would be doing in a 2-hour class period, where we have a chance to work together. This time is especially valuable because you can really apply the concepts you learned, while getting perspective and support from other folks. . The worksheet represents 2 hours of work in groups of 3.

This link will take you to a .doc file, for easier editing

Equity worksheet.pdf

This is a summary video I made for my online students. It might give you a sense of some of the ideas from the worksheet and an overall view of the ideas from that lesson.

Here are some great things that I couldn't include in the lesson, if you're interested, keep looking!

Extra materials.docx