Everyday Social Justice

Using simple words to talk about equity and oppression

This website is for people who want to learn about social justice, or for folks who teach it. It has all of the teaching materials for my courses on social justice, so you could walk yourself through it or talk about it with a “book” group!

The classes use conversations instead of lectures, so I use pop-culture materials to cover what would usually be the lecture in a traditional classroom. The 2-hour lessons are all conversation-based, so you’ll see the prompts that get people talking about real-life scenarios.

I teach from an intersectional feminist perspective, so we’re always talking about the ways that all oppressions connect; the similarities between racism and classism, the connections between sexism and ageism, the ways that ableism affects transphobia. One of the hardest things about my job is talking to people about the worst parts of humanity, the ways we hurt each other on purpose. These courses help you think about ways of doing better through empathy, compassion, and patience.

This site is funded through an Open Educational Resources grant, and the idea is to get teachers to ditch the expensive textbooks and focus on free materials. That means you can use anything and everything you find on this site. There’s also some nerdy behind-the-scenes stuff for teachers to think through. I hope you enjoy it!

WS101: online version

syllabus DL 101 for site.docx